Thursday, March 15, 2007

Clockwork Miller

[[[[[[work in progress]]]]]]]
Miller, that's what his father had named him.
It was better than being named Heineken.
Getting your ass handed and your name
starts with "heine" is just ironic.

It's safe to say that he wasn't name after
Henry Miller, a famous American writer and painter,
rather the type of beer his parents enjoyed the company of.

His mother was so enamoured with her bubbly friend that
she refused to stop drinking when Miller was stretching out
her stomach.

Pickled with beer juices, he grew to be a man of rather
below intelligence, but above average strength.

It didn't affect his mood any because he always found
simple uninteresting everyday objects amazing.

It must have been like Einstein trying to read
the mind of God with an equation, albeit more simple.
Recently he took the hobby of taking apart
clocks to see how they work.

He liked seeing the gears interlock and work together.
If a clock is broken, he takes it apart and tries to fix it.

Miller lived with his mother and she was always mad at him for
reasons he was unable to understand.

One day the man realized that if he can take apart his mother,
he can fix her. With several utensils laying around the house
he began to partake in a painstaking effort of fixing his mother.

He used the dull kitchen knife to open up her casing. His mother
protested, but he knew he would be able to put her back together
better than ever.

After 5 hours he found the problem. Her heart was no longer beating.
(C) Jess Calcaben 3/15/2007


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