Friday, April 20, 2007

Gray area

people like make dichotomies of almost everything:

personally, i live in the gray...and it's not that drab over here because i can see both colors.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Polar living

The polar bear shook it's white coat as it prepares for the journey across the frigid sea. It was a gamble of what could be days before he ate again. He has been unable to find any good meat and have lost a lot of weight.

He enters the water and paddles his way through the fog, and then the darkness. The sun sets and rises and his muscle have grown weary. He almost looses hope and reflects on his mate and cubs he left behind him. Then a faint bark from the fog, and then another, then in unison. A pack of walruses slumber on the beach. He is excited and tired as he lays his paws on the beach.

He sleeps for a day in the sand, to recuperate his strength. He dreams of thick blubber as it almost melts between his jaws as he gnaws on a dead walrus. The new day starts again and his stomach turns over. He has to eat today or he may not have any strength to pass another day. He pounces on the pack of walruses their saber teeth flashes in the air. The easiest prey would be the a young pup, but the walruses protect it with a wall of blubber.

He tries to force a parent off one with his teeth but was unable to damage the thick blubber that protects them. A saber tooth sinks into his back from another walrus, his left leg muscle screams of agony as it becomes twisted from the rocks beneath. He ignores the pain and pounces on another walrus that had strayed from the pack trying to go into the water.

He's weak now and this was his last chance as the pack had gone into the sea. He hold for dear life on the walrus's back, but the injuries he sustained and his failing strength forced him to let go as it dived to the depths of the sea.

He walks limply back to the beach. His body ached, he whimpers in agony as the pain from the injuries surges and radiates through. He accepts his fate. He uses his paws to create a mound on the sand. A deathbed. With it's head down it roared a final voice of defiance. And layed down and accepted the end. His consciousness begins to slip and he hears the walruses coming back to the beach behind him. They are aware that the bear no longer poses as a threat.
(C) Jess Calcaben 4/03/2007
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